Penetrating the Final Frontiers for the Glory of Jesus by Mobilizing the Next Generation to the Nations

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord;
    they will bring glory to your name.”
Psalm 86:9

What is “The hope?”

A dramatic motion picture of God’s redemptive story from Creation to Christ, “The HOPE” is designed to be adapted for any language or culture. We are training national believers across the world to be film producers, script translators, and more in order to take the Gospel to the Nations through “The HOPE” film!

Adopt an Unreached People Group

With many people groups in the world still unengaged with the Gospel, we partner with churches to help them adopt specific people groups with the intention of mobilizing that church to bring the Gospel to them!

Cultural Tours & Prayer Trail

Our 30-acre campus exists to develop biblical discipleship training in order to mobilize the next generation of leaders into the mission field! We offer cultural tours of our training villages for groups of all ages to experience other cultures and learn about reaching the unreached!

Extreme Adventure Ropes Course

A combination of both high and low elements, our Extreme Adventure Challenge Course specializes in helping groups of all kinds develop leadership skills, team building, and communication!

Virtual Tribe center

Millions of people still remain unreached with the Gospel. Enter the Virtual Tribe Center to learn more about who these people are and how we are engaging them with the good news of Jesus Christ.