Give Online

Thank you for your partnership in getting the gospel to the nations!

We are so thankful to God for you and your partnership with us in sharing the Gospel with the nations! It is because of our partners like you that we are able to do this work and share the beautiful news of Jesus with those who have never heard it!

We have two ways for you to give online that are listed below:

Best Stewardship Method:

Give Through Church Center

We consider the best stewardship method for giving to be through Church Center. This company will only deduct approximately 2.5% of the total given for processing costs if you use a debit card. If you set it up through a bank account, it only takes out .25 cents for processing costs no matter the amount given.

Give Through PayPal

You can give online through PayPal. Please know that 4% of what you give will be collected by PayPal for processing charges.

If you have any trouble with the giving platforms, please contact our finance department at